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Top 11 Ugliest Players In NBA History And Their Chicks

by Game VIP Staff on July 9, 2010

Since everybody always picks on the fugly fat nasty chicks around us, time to turn the tables. How about a top 11 of the ugliest sportsmen you’ll ever see? And how about we go straight to NBA? Oh gosh, I already have a few names faces in mind. Damn real life, you scary!

Joakim Noah – Chicago Bulls

Noah’s face has the power to creep you out in the middle of the night, if seen. Don’t want any nightmares? Then don’t google the guy before you go to bed. I really am sorry that I have to post his picture here…

Joakim Noah

What the hell are you smiling all about, boy?! Oh. Her. I get it now…

Joakim Noahs GF

Greg Oden – Portland Trail Blazers

What’s his age? Think fast! Look at the picture. 40? Think again…

Greg Oden

He’s 22. And downright ugly. They say beauty does not come with age. But what does age come with? I mean, seriously now, look at the guy…
At least the girl is cuter.

Greg Odens GF

Shelden Williams – Boston Celtics

Dude…you’re ugly as sin. When I look at your picture I get this funny feeling someone keeps on photoshopping your head and ears. Why is it that your forehead is bigger than my entire face?

Shelden Williams

Relax pumpkin, nobody’s gonna take that ball out of your hands. Not with that face anyway…
Oh and btw, how did you get Candace Parker to be your girl, man? Damn!

Shelden Williams' GF

– San Antonio Spurs

Even though we definitely know that Tim gives a rat’s ass where we place him on the eye candy scale, we just wanted to let him know how we truly feel about him.

Tim Duncan

It may not be polite of me, but…what happened to your nose man? Do you dunk with it?
(at least your wife Amy is cute)

Tim Duncans GF

Delonte West – Cleveland Cavaliers

Mister Herpes has a special place in our list. Why? Why not! He’s definitely not mister fabulous, he uses his ears when he takes off for a dunk, and most important – he’s got his own personal history concerning basketball. What a waste for that pretty girl he’s calling wife

Delonte West

Somebody get this boy his own personal water boy. And fast, goddamn it!

Delonte West's GF

Calvin Booth – free agent

Alien vs. Predator starring NBA player Calvin Booth would have prolly been a blockbuster. Damn right! Look at his awesome smile! Makes you feel all warm inside!

Calvin Booth

*frightened, looks away* OK, I’m sorry, that was a shitty joke…
Calvin Booth is married to Kiesha Booth and they have two children. But they pretty much like their privacy apparently. Hope the kids look like their mother!

Calvin Booth at a party

Andrei Kirilinko – Utah Jazz

In Soviet Russia, hideousness represents Andrei Kirilinko. With his slicked back blond hair and the over protruding chin he scares his opponents away. And us too.

Andrei Kirilinko

Wouldn’t wanna meet this guy in a dark alley in the middle of the night. I’d prolly crap my pants…
Still, his wife – former Russian pop star Masha Lopatova – doesn’t seem to mind his looks.

Delonte West's GF

Pau Gasol – LA Lakers

It doesn’t really matter how you look as long as you score. But for crying out loud, we’re making an exception on your behalf.

Pau Gasol

Do something about that facial hair, please! My eyes are bleeding!
Good thing I found a picture of his girlfriend, Silvia Lopez Gastro. That’s one hot chick!

Delonte West's GF

Sam Cassell – retired

You might best know Sam Cassell for being the lead role in the movie E.T. Oh, sorry, we meant Lord Of The Rings. Ah goddamn it, I messed them all up. Just look at the pic.

Sam Cassell

I’m actually curious: Could he be the lucky human to actually have two brains in his head? Cos there’s definitely room for a couple in there.
Anyway, leaving that aside, he’s married to his longtime girlfriend Tonya. But they’re discrete about it.

Sam Cassell at a party

Gheorghe Muresan – retired

He looks brutal. Brutish as well. He might have an excuse though. He’s a neighbor of Dracula. Who knows, maybe they’re even related.

Gheorghe Muresan

He’s so strange that he co-starred in a crappy movie with Billy Crystal. And well, of course, that was Gheorghe in all of his acting glory. There are no surprises that was the only movie he ever did.
His wife’s name is Liliana, but he does party from time to time with groupies.

Gheorghe Muresan at a party

Tyrone Hill – retired

This man is the walking definition of ugly. Bold guy with an ugly face on a 7+ foot frame is not a great combination. He really doesn’t have anything going on for him in the looks department.

Tyrone Hill

No face muscle, just skin on bones and deeply sunken in eyes. Dude, you freak me out…
They say he’s engaged to a longtime girlfriend. But of course, he still cheats whenever he gets the opportunity.

Tyrone Hill at a party

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